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#PrideOfCows Tells You Why Beef Ban Should Be Imposed


#PrideOfCows Tells You Why Beef Ban Should Be Imposed

After the Dadri murder case, the matter of beef ban has gained a lot of prominence in the media as well as the public. Some want a complete beef ban in India while some are opposing it citing as the violation of their freedom of choice to what they eat.

In Dadri, a person was killed by an angry mob just on the basis of a suspicion that he and his family have eaten cow meat. After this incident, the debate on beef ban has got heated and this heat can be felt on the social media networks also.

#PrideOfCows is trending on twitter as the supporters of beef ban are not only trying to explain the reasons behind their demand of beef ban but they are also explaining the benefits of the products that are made with the milk that is procured from the cows. There are some users who are totally against beef ban and they consider cow just as any other animal and calling it mother seems illogical to them.

Here are some tweets which will give you an idea of the mood that was flowing under the #PrideOfCows:












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