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Puneesh Used The Worst Abuses For Someone Who Spoke Against Bandgi? Here’s The Truth

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Puneesh Used The Worst Abuses For Someone Who Spoke Against Bandgi? Here’s The Truth

Puneesh Sharma may not have won the reality show Bigg Boss 11 but he has definitely become very famous and got a good fan following. Puneesh was the only commoner to reach the finale and he gained the limelight when he and Bandgi started doing naughty activities inside the house despite warnings from the makers and the host of the show Salman Khan.

We have seen Puneesh using foul and abusive language in the house of Bigg Boss, especially with Akash Dadlani, so if someone tells us that he is using abusive language while talking or messaging, it won’t affect us much.

However, it was the thing of the past and as he is also a celebrity now, we think that he should behave in a decent and dignified manner. Nevertheless, an Instagram page called Bollywooddailyhunt has alleged that Puneesh has been using abusive language in the messages sent to its DM.

The screenshots were posted by the Instagram page to give proof of its allegations and it seems that the whole argument has started because the Instagram page has written something against Bandgi. Later, Puneesh blocked that Instagram account.

However, when Puneesh Sharma started getting hate comments on his Instagram posts due to the allegations made by that Instagram page, he responded by claiming that he has never sent any message to that page and he tried to prove that the page is a fake one.

He also tagged his friends from Bigg Boss 11, asking them to report the account. Puneesh also alleged that the account has tried to blackmail his fellow contestant Luv Tyagi but when Luv didn’t pay money, it changed its name and now it is cooking false stories against him.

After some time, the account disappeared from Instagram.


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