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Punjab Cop Asks Women To Make Their Husband Do Household Chores & Twitter Can’t Keep Calm


Punjab Cop Asks Women To Make Their Husband Do Household Chores & Twitter Can’t Keep Calm

India is under complete lockdown till April 15 due to the coronavirus outbreak and the government is repeatedly asking the citizens to remain indoors and go out of their houses only if very necessary. However, there are some people, especially men, who are finding it very difficult to stay at home for so long and some of them are even coming out on road without any necessary work. The Indian police is working very hard to ensure that there is no one on the road and only people with emergency needs should be out of their houses.

A Punjab policeman has come up with a great solution to keep such men at home as he has told women that if their husbands are getting bored in the house, make them do household chores, ask them to wash clothes, get the house cleaned and this way, corona will also get cleaned.

He was heard saying that the Prime Minister and the chief minister of the state have asked everyone to stay at home and people are already seeing what is happening in Italy. He further requested all the sisters (woman of the house) that if their husbands are able to live comfortably in house, make them do household chores.

Here is the video:

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Many netizens hailed this idea and this is how they reacted to the cop’s advice:








Coronavirus is contagious and in order to save people from catching it, the governments of various countries have imposed lockdown. As of now, the number of patients infected with this disease is 6.60 lakh while more than 30,000 have already lost their lives due to this disease.

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This virus which is also known as COVID-19 originated from the Wuhan province of China and has now spread into more than 180 countries of the world. Stay at home and practice social distancing to keep yourself safe.

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