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Pure Vegetarian Husband Asks Wife To Choose Between Him & Mutton, Twitter Reacts Hilariously


Pure Vegetarian Husband Asks Wife To Choose Between Him & Mutton, Twitter Reacts Hilariously

Everyone has their own choices when it comes to food and it won’t be wrong to say that a majority of people doesn’t like to change their eating habits for a person, though they may change it for medical or religious reasons.

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Recently, a very strange case came into light when a person wrote to a newspaper columnist and narrated his plight in which mutton played an important role. The man states that he is a pure vegetarian and is married to a woman who is also vegetarian by caste but she has accepted that she loves to eat mutton whenever she gets a chance. The man further says that as the girl is very beautiful, he agreed to marry her by putting one condition that she would stop eating mutton which she accepted.

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However, now the man has found out that his wife is cheating on him with mutton as she is eating it secretly. In fact, she has openly stated that she loves mutton and she can’t live without it. The man further says that he is ready to forgive his wife once again and he has also given her an ultimatum as per which she has to choose between him and mutton. What is making the husband sadder is that it will be very embarrassing for him if his wife chooses mutton over him and in the end, he asks columnist who she will choose in his opinion.

The columnist was also shocked a little after reading the question and congratulated the man for making a new record as this is the first time that a woman has to choose between a man and a goat. The columnist also hinted that a person can live without love but not without food so it is quite clear who she will choose.

Here is the newspaper cutting which was shared by a Twitter user on the micro-blogging site Twitter:

Check out the tweet:

The newspaper cutting has gone viral on the Internet and netizens are also expressing their opinion in this regard. Here are some selected reactions:












What will the woman choose in your opinion or what would have you chosen if you had been in her place? Let us know your pick.

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