A. R. Rahman Spoke Up On Fans’ Walking Out From His Concert & His Reply Will Make You Respect Him

A great Indian composer, musician, singer-songwriter and philanthropist, A. R. Rahman doesn’t need any introduction, as he has achieved a great deal during 25 golden years that he gave to the music world.

He is adored, respected and loved for his dedication and sincerity which are clearly reflected in his music that has touched millions of souls.


He has rightfully won two Oscars in his music career and has the impression of being extremely humble!

Taking into consideration the same, it comes as a great shock that the legendary musician had been insulted or rather disrespected in UK at a concert.

He is on a world tour and it was on 8th July that he gave a performance in UK’s Wembley. When he sang several Tamil tracks, few Indians left the concert and walked out, which was obviously unlikable on the part of many.


Celebs came out in his support and condemned the wrath of audience. However, at last, the musician himself has opened up and here’s what he told NDTV,

“We try our best. We try to be honest. I love the way how people have supported for all these years without them I’m nothing. I’m grateful to all of them.”

You deserve a grand salute for being the humblest man sir! #Respect!


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