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RaGa Trolled PM Modi Like Never Before. Mocked GST & Got Slammed In Return

RaGa Trolled PM Modi Like Never Before. Mocked GST & Got Slammed In Return RVCJ Media


RaGa Trolled PM Modi Like Never Before. Mocked GST & Got Slammed In Return

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi has always been against Goods and Services Tax (GST) implemented by the Modi government in July last year. In fact, the Congress leader has renamed GST as Gabbar Singh Tax and alleged that government is using this tax to rob businessmen and common public.

He once again termed GST as Gabbar Singh Tax and attacked the government, taking reference to a World Bank’s biannual India Development Update report that calls GST as one of the most complex taxes in the world. The report added that it is not only the second highest one but also includes maximum number of tax slabs.

The World Bank report stated,

“The tax rates in the Indian GST system are among the highest in the world. The highest GST rate in India, while only applying to a subset of goods and services traded, is 28 per cent, which is the second highest among a sample of 115 countries which have a GST (VAT) system and for which data is available.”

Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to slam GST and wrote,

“Modi ji, the terror of Gabbar Singh Tax is now globally acclaimed.

The World Bank says it’s the 2nd HIGHEST in the WORLD and one of the MOST complex.


This didn’t go well with the Union minister Smriti Irani and she accused Rahul Gandhi of dismissing India’s progress and picking up notes selectively as per his convenience to defame the government and the country. As per her, Rahul Gandhi, “picked up the conclusion paragraph only, ignoring many positive aspects of introduction and implementation of GST in India.”

She tweeted, “Rahul Gandhi’s hatred for India is astonishing. When World Bank hailed India’s rise in Ease of Doing Business rankings, he rubbished the report. Now selectively quotes WB report to berate India’s progress!”

She not only slammed him but also shared a report and asked him to read it to increase his knowledge.

The information and broadcasting minister tweeted, “Aadarniya @RahulGandhi ji, if you are free from the world’s longest coronation exercise, I request you to read this article and enlighten yourself.”

Presently, there are four tax slabs – 5, 12, 18 and 28 percent. There are many items which are taxed zero percent while 3 percent is the tax rate for gold.

The report took note of the problems faced in the beginning but also said that it would be beneficial in the long run.

As per the report,

“Drawing actively from user-feedback, the government has been very alert to implementation challenges and continues to take steps to make GST compliance more simple and efficient. Despite the initial hiccups, the introduction of GST is having a far-reaching impact on reducing tax-related barriers to trade barriers, which was one of the primary goals of the introduction.”

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