Rahul Gandhi Made Fun Of Narendra Modi On Twitter, People Had A Field Day Over It

We’ve all seen Rahul Gandhi being the centre of attraction of trollers for his lame and weird statements. Most of the times he finds himself in trouble for his words and people love to crack jokes on him.

It must be admitted that some of the best jokes and memes that exist on social media are targeted to none other than RG.


However this time, he’s not on a receiving side instead he has taken some hilarious digs on Narendra Modi.

Yes, Rahul Gandhi on Twitter has posted a series of tweets in which he is seen making fun of Narendra Modi, his work in Gujarat and the future promises.

Take a look-

Modi Ji, Your party is ruling in Gujarat since 22 years and now you say you will eradicate the poverty in Gujarat by 2022.

Now I’ll tell you his next line. Modi Ji will give a rocket to every Gujarati by 2025 to travel to Moon.

By 2028, Modi Ji will provide every Gujarati a house on Moon and then by 2030 he will bring the moon on Earth.

Twitterati was left surprised by RG’s humorous tweets and joined him as well. On the other side there were many who had fun trolling him back. Overall, it was a fun time for everyone. Take a look at some reactions-










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