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Rajasthan Couple Ties Knot At Covid Center In PPE Kits As Bride Tests Positive, Twitter Reacts


Rajasthan Couple Ties Knot At Covid Center In PPE Kits As Bride Tests Positive, Twitter Reacts

The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected our lifestyle, eating habits, the manner of celebrating festivals and also the weddings. While wearing mask, maintaining social distancing, using sanitizers and washing hands regularly have become a part of our daily routine, organizing marriages or functions have become very difficult as the government has made it mandatory to follow the COVID-19 safety protocols. Not just this, the govt. has also imposed a limit on the number of guests who can remain present during the function.

However, we Indians know how to celebrate and make moments special even in the times of crisis. Something of this sort happened in the Kelwara Covid Center which is in Bara, Rajasthan. The plans of a couple getting married got destroyed when the bride tested positive for COVID-19 on the day of wedding and she was admitted to the Covid Center. But this didn’t stop the couple from getting hitched and on Sunday, they tied the knot in the premises of the Kelwara Covid Center. Quite interestingly, the bride and the groom were dressed in PPE (personal protection equipment) and they were also wearing gloves and face shields. The groom also wore the turban and other than the priest, only one person was seen in the mandap.

A short clip has been posted by news agency on its Twitter account in which the couple can be seen getting married.

Click here to watch this video directly on Twitter

It can be ascertained that all the safety protocols were followed in the wedding and the netizens were quite happy after seeing that the couple defeated COVID-19 for their wedding. While there were some who applauded the couple for their approach, few others stated that they should have waited until the bride’s recovery.

Here are some of the selected reactions:
















We wish all the best to the couple and pray for the speedy recovery of the bride so that they can start the new phase of life together!

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