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RajnikantVSCIDJokes Enters India’s Top 1000 – Fastest Growing Website

RajnikantVSCIDJokes Enters India's Top 1000 - Fastest Growing Website RVCJ Media


RajnikantVSCIDJokes Enters India’s Top 1000 – Fastest Growing Website

On the 10th of October, 2010, we set out on a journey. The Facebook page “Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes” was born on that day.

In our first year, we barely managed to get 20,000 Facebook fans to view our content.
It’s been more than 4 years now, and things have changed! Our Facebook family is growing every day. Till date we have made more than 120K posts on Facebook! Our page has been hacked 4 times by different people. However, we have always managed to get it back. We call it God’s grace.
We have received more than 50,000 messages from you guys. Some appreciating our work and some criticizing it. We have humbly taken your opinion into our stride at all times and tried to make ourselves better.

4 years later on the 10th of October, 2014, we started with our website, “RajnikantVSCIDJokes.IN“, which in less than a month, boasts of 15 Million Page Views & 6 Million Unique Users. Today marks a special day for all of us. RajnikantVSCIDJokes.IN, the website for which we’ve gone beyond our comfort zones, has broken into the top 1000 websites in the country, according to Alexa (Currently ranked at 923 in India). Today we have a Twitter handle and also a YouTube channel that boasts of 10,000 subscribers.

We may have worked very hard. But there is only one reason for our success.


Yes, it’s you people. The ones who took time out to take a look at things we wanted to show.
The accolades and the constructive criticism you guys provided was integral to what we have managed to achieve.
There are loads of people we would like to thank for their contribution!

The admins, Mr. Shahid Javed and Ankit Mor who have always guided us in the best possible manner!
Mr. Harpreet Bajwa, the brains of our enterprise. His hard work has motivated us to do better!
The ones who have helped us through the journey in one way or another, Mr.Prakhar, Hardiek Kanteliya, Hardik Dand, Vumesh Chokshi, Razi Ansari, Anurag Adsule, Arvind Rox, Chandan Prasad, Suraj Chokhani, Akhil Kashyap, Sandeep Chandan, Nasir Khan, IPS Khurrana and Ms. Neha Rastogi.
The Writers! Mr. Anshul Sinha, Piyush Dwivedi, Tamonas Pal, Rahul Bagdai, Pratham Prakash Gupta, Pavan Upadhyay, Kashif Sheikh, Yash Bhardwaj, Aakash Phutela, Aaditya Sharma, Arjun and Ms. Kriti

Thank you guys, again. It would never be possible without your support! We apologize if we’ve hurt anyone’s feelings. We were always kidding!

In the near future, we hope to expand our YouTube channel so that we can get to provide you guys with quality videos as well!

Also, we are planning to launch a forum where you, the viewers, shall be paid for posting comments. This will be India’s first website that will pay you for chatting and talking with your fellow members. Isn’t that awesome!? Earn while you browse!
Another thing we have planned is an E-Commerce website which shall serve the needs for all your online shopping requirements! Best deals guaranteed!
We are proud to provide you with that one smile and we hope to continue doing so. And as always, remember, you will get addicted!

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