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Ramayana’s Sita Was A Test Tube Baby, Says UP Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma


Ramayana’s Sita Was A Test Tube Baby, Says UP Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma

There have not been many days when Biplab Deb, Chief Minister of Tripura, stirred controversy with a series of statements that shocked the nation; such as suggesting youth to open pan shops or milk cows instead of looking for jobs. All the limits of confusion were crossed when he said that mechanical engineers should not apply for Civil Services as they are suitable for civil engineers.

Now another politician seems to have joined the club of controversy with his out-of-the-ordinary remarks on technology.

We are talking about UP deputy chief minister Dinesh Sharma who recently surprised the nation by indirectly saying that Sita Ji in Ramayana was a test tube baby.

Below are his exact words:

“Sita Ji ka janam hua toh ghadey se hua…us samay test tube baby ka koi na koi project raha hoga us prakar ka jo hal chalaya Janak Ji ne aur ghadey ke andar se baby nikli aur wo Sita Ji ban gayi…ye jo aaj ka jo technology hai test tube baby… kuch raha hoga.”

Here’s the rough English translation of what UP deputy CM said,

Sita Ji took birth through mud water pot, there must be some project similar to test tube baby at that time. That’s why when Janak Ji ploughed the field, a baby came out of the mud water pot and she was Sita Ji. Something like test tube baby project must have been there at that time too.

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This statement was made by Dinesh Sharma on Thursday when he was addressing a function to mark Hindi Journalism day.

After this remark, BJP leaders made an attempt to stay away from controversy. Nevertheless,  Rakesh Trtipathi, UP BJP spokesman, said that ‘vested interests’ are highlight this point to give rise to controversy unnecessarily. As per him,

“He was referring to technologies which existed during ancient period. There is nothing wrong in it.”

What is your take in this regard? Do you agree with Dinesh Sharma on the existence of technology or do you think that it’s just another baseless statement from a politician? Let us know.


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