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She Was Raped By 1,00,000 People In A Day & Still She Was Forced To Smile


She Was Raped By 1,00,000 People In A Day & Still She Was Forced To Smile

Auto Expo is a platform for all the automobile companies to present their upcoming vehicles in front of the media and public before their launch in the market. It is beneficial for the companies in terms of marketing their product and creating a curiosity for the product in the minds of potential customers.

But the question is, ‘do all the visitors of the auto expo visit for bikes and cars or are they looking for something else too?’ It might come to you as a surprise that many of the visitors visit only for the models used by these automobile companies in order to attract the public. But the disgusting fact is that a number of jerks try to get close to these models and touch them, citing the reason of heavy crowd.

Here we are going to narrate the experience of an Australian model who is participating in the Auto Expo, in her own words:

“My name is Jesica (name changed) and I am from Australia, I came to India for my friend’s wedding last month who is working for an event management company in Gurgaon. During the wedding, I got to know about Auto Expo and the modeling assignment from his company through one of his colleague. I thought to give it a try and take it up to make some extra money. I did my contract with the agency from 1st to 9th Feb and I am supposed to get INR 25000 a day. Initial days were good and there were only media people or celebrities during 3rd and 4th Feb but on 5th the auto show was open for public. There were thousands of people all the time around me.”

The girl dealt with lecherous individuals who made all possible attempts of touching her as well as clicking her pics, giving the impression as if they are clicking vehicle’s pic. Later on, she met a guy named Sumit who looked modest and had a good physique. He came to the girl and began to ask questions about the vehicle. They talked for several minutes and then he started trying to come closer on account of rush (really or out of lust?)

Suddenly, he touched my neck!

“I ignored it at first but he again did the same. Then I lost my temper and shouted on him. “What happened?” that a**hole asked me. I would have punched that piece of s**t if this happens outside this fair without any single thought. Since then I have been noticing people and every eye has been raping me. They are making me NAKED by their eyes. I try my level best to hide my face whenever I feel people are clicking me not the car. But most of the times it becomes impossible to escape their shutterbug.”

This type of behavior with these models is not acceptable at all and we would like to request to each and every company to take care of these models as their dignity can’t be compromised.


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