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Raveena Tandon & SRK Trolled On Twitter For Being Gender Insensitive


Raveena Tandon & SRK Trolled On Twitter For Being Gender Insensitive

There is no denying the fact that social media has become a major platform through which people explicitly share what they feel about anything, be it applauding or criticizing somebody or pointing out fault in something. And this is from which even big B-Town celebs as well as the PM Modi itself cannot escape. However, they at times forget that they too can become a victim of people’s rage on web and this is why Raveena Tandon was trolled on Twitter and that too, for a 5-month old tweet.

It so happened that Raveena Tandon, a famous and much-loved actress of her time, shared a joke on Twitter which she found funny around 5 months back at the time of India-Pakistan World Cup that took place in February 2015. Although she made an attempt of defending what she tweeted, convincing that the so-called tweet was merely a joke, Twitter users did not forgive her for that and things got worse for her as more and more people started trolling the actress.

Let’s take a look at what happened:

Raveena Tandon tweeted the below joke on February 15:

Atiya Zaidi, a Twitter user did not find it appropriate and hence complained about its poor taste:

Raveena took no time in reply to Zaidi’s tweet:

This made Zaidi really angry or hurt and he tweeted the following:

Shortly there began a Twitter war and many other users also participated:

After this all, the actress tried to make her stand clear which proved to be of no use:

However, Twitter users dragged SRK too in this which was unacceptable on the part of Raveena who could not bear it for any longer:

This is how finally the actress tried to put an end to it after a long tough day on Twitter:

What are your views over the complete matter? Was it merely a joke which had been mishandled by Twitter users? Share your opinion in the comments section below!

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