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Ravindra Jadeja Called A Fan “Gavaar” & Twitter Taught Cricketer A Good Lesson By Trolling Him


Ravindra Jadeja Called A Fan “Gavaar” & Twitter Taught Cricketer A Good Lesson By Trolling Him

Cricket is almost a religion in India so it is obvious that the Indian cricketers who play for the country are among the most popular celebrities in the country.

Ravindra Jadeja is a famous Indian cricketer and he again contributed in the series win of Team India in the India-Sri Lanka series by taking 10 wickets in three test matches. Till now, he has played 34 Tests, 136 ODIs and 40 T20Is for the country.

However just recently, the cricketer got upset when a fan called him by the name of “Ajay”. He took to Twitter to expresses his resentment but he also used derogatory terms such as “Stupid” and “Gavaar” for that fan.

This is what Ravindra Jadeja tweeted, “Someone came to me and said “well ball Ajay. You bowled brilliantly in last match”. Played 9 years of international cricket for country and still people don’t remember my name. #stupidity #gavaar.”

Ajay Jadeja is a former Indian cricketer who played for the country from 1992-2000 and he was also a popular cricketer but all his achievements went for a toss when he was found guilty of match-fixing and was banned for 5 years from playing cricket.

It was unacceptable on the part of Twitterati that Ravindra Jadeja called a fan stupid and gavaar and as a result, they trolled him mercilessly. Check out some of the selected tweets:

You are “Gavaar”:

Respect lost:

You are not doing a favour to the country:

A jibe at AAP:

Look at your attitude:

Epic insult:

Burnol moment:

Mind it:

Learn from Sachin and Dhoni:

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