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Real Face Or Fake? The Political Halloween Party Would Look Like This


Real Face Or Fake? The Political Halloween Party Would Look Like This

Halloween mood has set in worldwide, and everybody is dressed up in their scariest best. Celebs from all across the world is in a mood to scare you, but ironically some of the scariest face are not even decorated yet are scary. Leaving the sarcasm behind, lets laugh our heart out seeing the hidden Halloween faces of some of the renowned politicians and personalities.

Thanks to for bringing this up and showing us what would have happened if popular world leaders decided to celebrate Halloween? They imagined some of the most popular leaders of the world in Halloween costumes. And, here is the outcome.

1. Kim Jong-un – The Supreme leader of North Korea


2. Narendra Modi – The Ache Din Flag-bearer & our PM


3.Barack Osama Oops Barack Obama – The President of United States

Barack Obama

4. George W Bush – Former President of the United States

George W Bush

5. Pope Francis – This is just too much

Pope Francis

6. Elizabeth II – The Queen of United Kingdom

The Queen

7. Vladimir Putin – President of Russia

Vladmir Putin

Who is your favorite among all?

Mine is Vladimir Putin!

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