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Reasons Why India Sucks Big Time

Reasons Why India Sucks Big Time RVCJ Media


Reasons Why India Sucks Big Time

1. Dirty Politicians –

Politics is really f**ked up in India. You’ll face difficulties in every step of your life because of the dirty politicians. By the way I forgot to tell you that politicians watch po*n inside the parliament also. And you know what qualification is needed to get selected as a candidate for MP or MLA – it is having some warrant on your name.main-qimg-5132fd87c22ef0d573e3b6c88295dd28

2. Money Minded Govt. Officers –

There are good officers who will help you in getting your work done but accept the fact that almost 70% Govt. officers will not help you in getting your work done without getting some “prizes”(bribe) from you.Handshake

3. Female Security –

When I hear any person talking about the safety of females in India, I say “Next joke please.” Most of the rape cases in the country happen in the capital of our country. Besides rapes, there are many other things like – dowry, torture etc.


4. Welcome To Our Reservation System –

This su*ks big time here in India. You don’t get early admission into colleges, universities on the basis of your merit or marks, you get early admission on the basis of which caste you belong to. The bullsh*t reservation system is spread into every corner – be it studies, be it Govt. offices.


5. Suicides –

According to a WHO report back in 2012, India saw the highest number of suicides in 2012. And one can only imagine that things like this just get worsened with time. So India is no.1 yet on another subject. The main reasons are – unemployment, lack of support from Govt. for farmers, abusement, rapes, pressure of studies etc.


6. If You Bomb Us, We’ll Send You Roses –

I know India is proud of “Gandhiji” who believed in non-violence. But things are totally different today. I mean neighbour-countries are violating ceasefire every fu*king day and what do we do – we send them roses,gifts on festivals as we believe in the thing called “piece” (_|_)


7. We Support “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” –

Hahaha, lemme laugh for 5 mins then talk something about it. India is one such country where even roads get polished if some important personality or personalities are coming from abroad(take Obama’s recent visit for example).  We say we support “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” but we always want to see how good we’re at aiming while throwing garbage into the dustbin, no?


8. Gods Matter More Than Humans –

Believe me or not, if I am asked to define India with a one liner – there’s no better line than this one.


9. Indians Don’t Understand Sarcasm And Get Offended Easily –

This is so true. Sarcasm is something 95% of Indians don’t understand and they get offended. Moreover when we hear languages like “Motherf**ker”, “c*nt”, “di*khead” etc on any English Roast show, we all go gaga but when we hear “MC”, “BC” on some Indian Roast show, suddenly we all are like “that is so bad language”. 45602646.cms

I’m eagerly waiting for you all to say “Writer is retard, writer is this, writer is that”. But whatever you may say about me, my points here are absolutely clear.

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