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Remember The Model Who Stripped In Front Of Cops & Slapped Guard? Here’s Her Complete Story


Remember The Model Who Stripped In Front Of Cops & Slapped Guard? Here’s Her Complete Story

Model Megha Sharma has been making headlines ever since she stripped down in the lift after she was allegedly forced by the policemen to come to police station in the late night hours.

A lot is being talked and discussed about this matter and people have their own reasons to support or slam Megha. There is no doubt that Mumbai police should not have tried to take Megha to police station around 3 am as it is against the rules stated by the court as per which police can’t take a woman to police station before 6 am and after 6 pm.

Megha has now spoken about the whole incident and she told that it was around 1 am when she felt the need of cigarettes so she asked the security guards through intercom to bring cigarettes for her. The watchman refused as he was on duty so Megha went on her own to buy cigarettes but when she returned, she asked the guard that when there are 3-4 other security guards too, why he didn’t go or asked any other guard to bring cigarettes.

As per Megha, the guard started misbehaving and called her characterless after which she slapped him and they both indulged in a fight. She called the police and filed a complaint against the guard but the real problem started when policemen tried to take her to police station. The police team from Oshiwara police station didn’t have a lady constable and Megha straightaway refused to accompany them. She can be heard telling policemen that she would come tomorrow and they can talk to her lawyer as she was ready to give the number.

Megha said that after some time, she got blacked out and the stripping incident happened all of a sudden. She called it as the worst incident of her life and this is the clip in which you can hear her talking about the incident:

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What do you have to say in this regard after listening to the complete story from the model herself? Do you think she is cooking up story so that people stop slamming her for the stripping incident? Let us know your views.

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