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Reporter Asked Hema Malini To Comment On Kamala Mill Fire. Her Reply Made Twitter Angry


Reporter Asked Hema Malini To Comment On Kamala Mill Fire. Her Reply Made Twitter Angry

The unfortunate fire tragedy that stuck Kamala Mills compound in Mumbai’s Lower Parel area has left 14 people dead. It has forced BMC to take an action against illegal structures constructed at restaurant-pubs at Kamala Mills compound, Raghuvanshi Mills compound and Phoenix mall premises. BMC has also filed complaint against the owners of Kamala Mills for several violations.

Many people expressed sympathy for the families of the deceased but when BJP MP Hema Malini was asked about the incident, she held the population of the city responsible for it. She said,

“Such incidents are recurring because of the huge population in Mumbai. It’s not that the police aren’t doing their job. They do a great job. But the population is so much. And the city is spreading like anything. When Bombay ends, another city should begin. Continuation of Mumbai is another Mumbai. But the city keeps extending.”

The suggestion that she gave is,

“Some restrictions should be done on the population. Each city should have certain population limit, after that they should not be allowed. Then let them go to another city… next city.”

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Her statements irked Twitterati and they trolled her left and right. Here are some selected reactions:

Insult of BJP:

Right though:

Irony died:

Bagpiper with Kent water:

A jibe at her and Dharmendra:


She can replace Rahul Gandhi:

Reason of population explosion in Mumbai:

Epic insult:

This is the reason why she is called Dream Girl:

Why did you get married to Dharmendra?

What do you have to say about Hema Malini’s views? Let us know!

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