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Reporter Asked Virat To Name Best Indian Team In 15 Years. He Loses Cool & You Can’t Miss Video


Reporter Asked Virat To Name Best Indian Team In 15 Years. He Loses Cool & You Can’t Miss Video

Team India’s Oval Test tour comes to the end with 4-1 loss in test series against England and recently Virat Kohli was faced with some really tough questions by reporters in the Press conference, and when one of the reporters asked Virat about his take on the team and whether he believes that it is really the best Indian side, but seems like Virat was not happy with this kind of questions

A reporter asked “The Best Indian team in the last 15 years! Do these tags put pressure on you? Do you actually believe you are?” Well, these questions came after coach Shastri had claimed that this team was better than many other sides which had some ‘great players’.

And Kohli answered “We have to believe we are the best side. Why not?” and after that the reporter asked him 2nd question which was “The best team in 15 years?” and that question made Virat very angry and Kohli reply to him “what do you think” and reporter said “I am not sure” and putting down to his question he answered “That’s your opinion. Thank you.”

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And one more reporter asked him what was the subject of comparing the current Indian team with previous ones, Kohli explained that the differentiating factors are his team willingness to not throw in the towel and continue fighting despite enduring unfavourable results. That the same situation with many previous teams would see them lose hope but that was not going to happen in his leadership

He also admitted that ‘being unhappy’, but added that “The way we played cricket is something that, not me, no one in the change room, no one doubts even one per cent because we played with the right attitude and the will to win every game that we played.

Soon India’s big test inning will be held in Australia after hosting West Indies at home ground

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