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Republic Reported About Taapsee’s Marriage. Her Reply Gave Them Epic Burn

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Republic Reported About Taapsee’s Marriage. Her Reply Gave Them Epic Burn

Celebrities getting trolled on social media platforms is nothing new; especially if the celebrity is a female, she just needs to post a photo in a revealing dress and trollers will be at work.

The talented actress Taapsee Pannu has also experienced trolling in the past when she was abused for wearing a bikini but she is a strong girl and knows how to give it back to haters in a kickass way. She doesn’t care much about what others think and lives her life on her own terms.

Media nowadays is very much interested in knowing everything about stars without respecting their privacy and sometimes, even common public slams media for their insensitive attitude. In fact, we often feel that Indian media is ignoring news which are important for the nation and society while giving importance to those news which are absolutely useless.

Recently, Republic TV channel carried a piece of news or rather gossip that Taapsee has said ‘Yes’ for marriage.

Here’s what Republic posted on Twitter, “Did Taapsee Pannu just say yes?”

Well, that was too much for Taapsee to bear and she responded with a perfect answer,

“Please go get a life 🙂

And some real news for a change 🙄”

That was a quite good way of tackling such incidents and Twitter also loved her style. This is how users trolled Republic:

Nailed it:

Why Republic why?

And here it comes:

Epic burn:

Republic se ye na ho payega..

Dhaga khol diya..



Satire at its best:

What do you have to say about such types of news by media? Let us know your views.


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