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Restaurant Where Staff Is Deaf And Mute! See How Customers Call Them And Place Order!


Restaurant Where Staff Is Deaf And Mute! See How Customers Call Them And Place Order!

Every now and then we come across a new restaurant that promises its customers an all new experience. To make a restaurant successful, you always need something special. Special taste, recipes or interiors that can act as the point of attraction for people. Thus, every restaurant tries its best to stand out differently in the market.

However, this exceptional Delhi based restaurant has gone beyond the changes one would expect from a restaurant. The restaurant named ‘Echoes’ has employed only the deaf and mute staffers to run the place. Located in the Satyaniketan Market of New Delhi, ‘Echoes’ has a special working procedure that has so far impressed all its patrons.

This is how you place an order and get it delivered in no time at ‘Echoes’!

The first thing you’ve gotta do is obviously find a table for yourself. You’ll be welcomed with a card requesting you to cooperate with the specially abled staff. Now, time to call the waiting staff. No, you don’t need to scream ‘Bhaiya, Bhaiya’ on top of your voice! All you’ve gotta do is just press the button located in one side of your table and a waiter will come to you with a smile on his face. This button that you press, lights up a bulb in the kitchen to indicate which table has called for a waiter.

Now, time to place the order. You’ll get a menu card with a code written in front of all the different dishes. You’ll also be getting a pad to write your order on. There are arrangements made for you to get your extra knife and fork too!

Watch this video to understand how things work at this beautifully amazing place!

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This special restaurant has bettered the lives of every mute and deaf person working here. We salute the pioneers who’ve brought about such a novel change. Do let us know your views about these beautiful ‘Echoes’ in our comments section below.

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