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Revealed: Here’s What Amitabh Bachchan Sees On His Computer Screen In KBC

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Revealed: Here’s What Amitabh Bachchan Sees On His Computer Screen In KBC

Kaun Banega Crorepati is easily one of the most successful Indian TV Show ever and Amitabh Bachchan the most successful host in the industry. The charm his magical voice and larger than life screen presence has created on the small screen is something unimaginable.

Whenever he appeared on the screens for KBC and started his speech with words “Deviyo aur Sajjno”, we knew we need to skip everything else here.

One thing to get almost as much attention as Big B in all the seasons of KBC has been his computer screen that he fondly calls “Computer Ji”. There has always been a curiosity about what actually Amitabh Bachchan sees on his computer screen. The answer has been finally out and none other than KBC participant Abhinav Pandey has given it.

Answering a similar query, Abhinav who won a price money of Rs 12.5 lakhs on KBC wrote-

His computer may be responsive i.e. he may skip the content or operate the process a little bit. However, the computer operator who sets the questions, timers etc sit in another place. A contestant’s computer is unresponsive i.e. he can’t skip or flip the content shown on the screen.

A typical computer screen of Bachchan sir consists of current questions, all options, winning streak, used and unused life lines. In middle if he forgets details like name, place, job, village or companions of contestant then he could recall all by alter the screen option or on the another big screen placed diagonally to the hot seat.

Another big question is, does Amitabh Bachchan know the answer before?

The answer is No. He doesn’t know the answer before it is finally announced.

Abhinav writes-

Unlike popular belief Bachchan sir doesn’t know the correct answer before “Lock kar diya jaye (lock it please)”. After locking up the option the screen shows correct answer, incorrect answer and the details of correct answer. To alert candidates from wrong answers are just the good gestures of the host.

What screen shows when the candidate opts for a lifeline?

Abhinav himself has shared great details about the computer screen and he has answered the above question as well.

When a candidate takes phone of friend life line then screen shows the names and details of ‘Phone a friend’ nominees.

A timer on his screen provides the interval breaks. However it may be prolonged by the will of the host.

Both the screens (Hot seat and Bachchan sir’s) are kept off during the fastest finger first round.

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