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Rishi Kapoor Tweeted J&K Is Ours & PoK Belongs To Pakistanis, Got Trolled Like Never Before


Rishi Kapoor Tweeted J&K Is Ours & PoK Belongs To Pakistanis, Got Trolled Like Never Before

The veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has a reputation of creating controversies but this time, he has jumped in a controversy which was started by the chief of National Conference party, Farooq Abdullah.

On Saturday, Farooq Abdullah said that the situation is not going to change now and everybody should accept that PoK now belongs to Pakistan while the Kashmir which is on the Indian side should get more autonomy. He also said that those who are demanding freedom (Azadi) are completely misguided.

Farooq was speaking in an event in National Conference Headquarters, Srinagar. He said,

“Internal autonomy is our right. They should restore it. Only then the peace will return.”

Farooq Abdullah further talked about Instrument of Accession signed between the government and the Maharaja of Kashmir. In his words,

“You don’t remember the Instrument of Accession and claim the other side of Kashmir administered by Pakistan. If that side is ours, then you should talk about the accession too. Why do you forget the conditions on which we had acceded?”

He also gave a message to those who shout for freedom,

“There is nothing like freedom here. We are landlocked. On one side we have China, Pakistan and India on the other side. All three of them have atom bombs. We have nothing except Allah’s name. Those who are talking about Azadi are wrong.”

Rishi Kapoor extended his support to Farooq Abdullah when he took to the micro-blogging site and wrote, “Farooq Abdhulla ji, Salaam! Totally agree with you,sir. J&K is ours, and PoK is theirs. This is the only way we can solve our problem. Accept it, I am 65 years old and I want to see Pakistan before I die. I want my children to see their roots. Bas karva Dijiye. Jai Mata Di !”

Just after this tweet, Rishi Kapoor was trolled and as it was Saturday night, the common perception was that he must have been in a drunk state while making this tweet.

Here is Rishi’s tweet:

Rishi Kapoor expresses his desire to visit his roots and also wants his children to visit there. He was mercilessly trolled by netizens for his tweet. Check out some of the selected reactions:

Avoid neat at 65:

Statutory warning:

Sasta nasha:


Udta teer:

Very sensible comment:


You have lost our respect and love:

You forgot to write Pakistan Zindabad:

Don’t behave like Rahul Gandhi:

So this is the reason:

What do you have to say about Rishi Kapoor’s tweet? Let us know your views.


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