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RJ Naved’s Message To Gurmehar & Sehwag Is Out Of The World! He Made Us Realize An Important Thing


RJ Naved’s Message To Gurmehar & Sehwag Is Out Of The World! He Made Us Realize An Important Thing

Gurmehar Kaur, the daughter of a Kargil Martyr had started a campaign against ABVP, following the violence at Delhi’s Ramjas College; various universities and students supported her.

She took to Facebook and posted different pictures with placards, which read “Pakistan did not kill my father but war did” and “I am not afraid of ABVP”. Her only intention of getting clicked with such a placard was peace between both the nations.

However, Sehwag’s reply to this placard didn’t go down well with many. Viru Paaji took to Twitter and shared an image, in which he held a placard that read “I did not score two triple centuries. My bat did.”

As soon as people read Sehwag’s tweet, the “Nationalist v/s anti-nationalist” debate started on social media. He received many hate comments due to which he was forced to justify himself.

But amidst all this, we have RJ Naved who has a wonderful message for Gurmehar Kaur, Sehwag, nationalists and anti-nationalists. He has a completely different approach to this issue and you will love it.

Check out his latest video…

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RJ Naved keeps conducting social experiments and this was once again, a very good one. While everyone is busy commenting on this hot topic, Naved made people realize something very crucial; probably, many didn’t even think of “SAVE PAPER” campaign!

He also used papers to convey this message and you must be wondering why he himself didn’t follow the “Save paper” message. Well, he revealed in the end that those papers were “USED ONES”; in short, he didn’t waste any papers for spreading this message

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