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Rohit Warrier & Niti Rejected By Sharks Share A Video To Show How Useful Their Products Are

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Rohit Warrier & Niti Rejected By Sharks Share A Video To Show How Useful Their Products Are

The first season of the business reality show Shark Tank India may have got over 2 months ago but the social media users are still busy talking about it. In this show, many aspiring entrepreneurs tried their best to attract the investors (sharks) by making a presentation or a pitch about their business so as to convince the sharks to invest in their businesses. The panel of the sharks included Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Ashneer Grover, Peyush Bansal, Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar and Ghazal Alagh.

While some got funding from the sharks, few had to go empty-hand; however, there were also some who not only went empty-hand but also got slammed for their products. Ashneer Grover was specially known for going heavily on the contestants if he did not like their products and two such business owners were Rohit Warrier and Niti Singhal.

Rohit Warrier is the founder and director of Sippline which produces mask for glass and Ashneer referred to his product as the most wahiyat (pathetic) product he had ever seen. Niti is the founder of Twee In One, customizable fashion lining and Ashneer said to her that nobody would wear her dresses, though later on when the Shark Tank team visited The Kapil Sharma Show, Ashneer’s wife was seen wearing the dress which was gifted by Niti Singhal. Niti even talked about it in one of her Instagram posts and said that when she was Ashneer’s wife in that dress, she got reminded of the statement that Ashneer says quite a lot, i.e., “Yeh sab dogalapan hai”.

Now these two entrepreneurs came together and as they met in a café, they also tried to prove that their products are quite useful unlike what the sharks felt. Niti posted the video with the caption, “Weird pitches? Not so weird now!”

Here is the Instagram post:

Click to watch this video directly on Instagram

Their attempt to market their products got mixed reactions as very few online users praised them while majority of the netizens still called them awful or rather wahiyat.

Check out some of the selected reactions:











What is your take in this regard? Would you buy these products, especilly glass ka mask?

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