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Rotating Skyscraper Is About To Come In Dubai, Every Apartment Will Spin Individually


Rotating Skyscraper Is About To Come In Dubai, Every Apartment Will Spin Individually

Dubai has always managed to astonish us with its lavish lifestyle and creative way of living. Their urge to make a world of wonder is beyond our imaginations. What we think and dream is what they make it real. We Indians believe a lot when it comes to superstitions. Vastu Shastra is indeed practiced a lot. But, the way Dubai is progressing with its advanced engineered technology, Vastu Shastra is hardly about to fit in.

Dubai is planning to come up with a rotating skyscraper by the end of the year 2020. If this project comes into existence, this will be the first rotating skyscraper in the world. It means that the owner of the apartment will be able to rotate his entire apartment in whichever direction he wants. Fun fact, the rotation also comes with a speed controller. The idea for such a kind of project was laid down by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher in the year 2008.

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The height of the skyscraper will be around 1,375 feet that will have 80 individually spinning storeys standing firm on a foundation of a concrete core. This means that the owners of the apartments will be able to enjoy a live 360-degree view of the entire Dubai unlike how we experience it while we use our old VR Boxes. The energy to rotate the whole building will be derived from various terrace-mounted solar panels. The building will also be equipped with 79 horizontal wind turbines that will be laid on every storey.

The spinning of the apartment will be voice controlled. Well, this is indeed what we had dreamt of. However, there is a reason why this will still be a dream for us even if such a rotating skyscraper comes to existence. It’s the heavy price tag that it rotates around itself. $30 Million (Rs. 201 crores) is the price that one will have to pay if he wants to live in this lavish skyscraper.

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Well now after seeing the price tag, there comes the most expected and obvious thought in our mind. “Maybe the idea of a living in a rotating skyscraper isn’t really that good”. Who will want to live in an apartment that spins and literally makes your head spin. Apart from jokes, this is indeed a nice concept that has the potential to bring a revolution in the field of housing industry.

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