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Rubel Hossain Rape Charges Withdrawn After Bangladesh World Cup Victory Against England


Rubel Hossain Rape Charges Withdrawn After Bangladesh World Cup Victory Against England

A Bangladeshi actress Naznin Akter Happy who filed a rape case against cricket star Rubel Hossain said she is withdrawing the charges against him after his match-winning performance against England.

Rubel took 4-53 against England and was the key performer in their world cup victory against England. Because of his spectacular bowling performance, Bangladesh made it to the quarter finals of cricket world cup

Naznin Akter Happy, 19, made the rape allegation on 25-year-old Rubel after he made an “intimate affair”. Naznin said that Rubel promised her to marry but now he is refusing so I would like to put a rape allegation. She lodged a complaint of “rape” and a “false promise of marriage” against the cricketer last month. These allegations had threatened to scupper Rubel’s chances of appearing in the World Cup after he was remanded in custody by a court in Dhaka. But he was later granted bail until the end of the world cup as he was key member of Bangladesh cricket team.

After Bangladesh’s historic win against England. Naznin’s lawyer Debul Dey updated on Facebook:-

“From now, I’m no longer (actress) Happy’s lawyer. Congratulations Bangladesh Cricket Team!!!”

Dey added:

“I want to inform Bangladesh cricket fans that I took Happy’s case as a professional. I no longer wish to fight against Rubel after seeing Bangladesh succeed. Rubel should feel no pressure.”

After her lawyer’s announcement even Naznin came to media and said she have decided to forgive her boyfriend Rubel who starred in a historic victory against England.

“I’ve forgiven him. I am not going to continue the case against him,” Happy told Channel 24 television today.

What are your views on this case. Will this help Rubel to play without pressure in Quarter Finals against India?

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