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Sachin Praised Cricket Skills Of Mohd Kaif’s Son. Kaif Gave A Reply That Won Hearts


Sachin Praised Cricket Skills Of Mohd Kaif’s Son. Kaif Gave A Reply That Won Hearts

There is no doubt that cricket is a religion in India and Sachin Tendulkar is considered to be the God of cricket. After his retirement, Sachin is pretty active on social media networks and keeps on sharing updates about many things.

Lately, he praised the son of a former Indian cricketer who can easily be called one of the best Indian fielders of all times. We are talking about none other than Mohammad Kaif!

Recently, his son Kabir was at a gaming station and the machine showed Sachin on the screen. When the delivery was bowled by it, the junior Kaif successfully played the shot to the covers.

The legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter to praise Kabir with the video of him playing the shot beautifully and blessed him to keep playing always.

Sachin tweeted, “Junior Kaif smashing it beautifully through the covers. Well done. Keep playing always. @MohammadKaif”

Watch The Video:

Click here to watch this video directly on Twitter

The proud father Mohammad Kaif was also quick to reply. He said that he always found it difficult to play Sachin’s bowling in the nets but it seems that his son Kabir would have played Sachin better. He also said that Sachin is absolutely correct when he says that India will definitely transform if it keeps on playing a sport at least.

Kaif tweeted, “I always found it difficult to pick you in the nets @sachin_rt Paaji, whether it would be leg-spin, off-spin, cutter, wrong-un. My son Kabir seems to have handled your bowling much better 🙂 And as you say, India will transform when we keep playing a sport at least. With you, always!”

Here is how Twitter reacted over it:

Like father, like son:

Wish to see him in the team:

Parents should encourage their kids for sports:

Lots of blessings:

Great to see him:

Transforming India:

We wish all the best to junior Kaif!

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