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Sahil Khan Is Always In Style And Making Headlines For The Right Reasons

Sahil Khan Is Always In Style And Making Headlines For The Right Reasons RVCJ Media

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Sahil Khan Is Always In Style And Making Headlines For The Right Reasons

Sahil Khan, more popularly known as the “Indian Rambo” is admired by many people because of his dedication towards his love – fitness and body building. Today, his popularity and reason for bringing seriousness towards body building amongst celebrities in Bollywood, has made him to be the Brand Ambassador of Indian Sports and Fitness Carnival, leaving behind other renowned celebs. This event is hosted in Delhi on 30th August, 2015.

There are many other trivial facts about him, which has kept people loving and admiring him more.

1. Even though he travels the world, he is close to his family a lot. He is proud child of parents with origin across borders. He was born to a Chinese mother and Pathan father.

Love you MAA ❤️ Thank you for this Life….. #love #happiness #peace #sahilkhan

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2. He has always had a soft heart for the animals. During his childhood itself, he used to pet hens, pigeons, fishes, goats, ducks and loads more. His love continued with his dog, named Rambo.

3. Not just Dogs, he has a Cat as a pet too.

Life……. 🌍 #sahilkhan 😈

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4. He is one of the biggest fan of Sylvester Stallone. The movie “Rocky” inspired him to become an International level Boxer, representing India. That is when he started Gyming. His hard work brought him to be known as “Indian Rambo”.

5. Not just fitness, he holds heart for the society too. He is inspiring little kids to stay fit and eat healthy, and shared some part of his life with them. Also, in the world’s most inhabitant tribal forest, Masai Mara in East Africa, he is been the one of strongest to stay in the place for a month with the wildest of the animals around. Got a heart of Diamond, Strongest, yet beautiful!!

6. He is the Brand Ambassador of Mumbai Body Building Association and Indian Body-Building Federation, being the reason for many to hit the gym.

7. He believes in promoting “Good Health”. He shared his diet and his fitness regime with his fans and make world a healthier place.

8. His fitness gave him a break in Bollywood, and the fan following with the comedy movie “Style”

9. He is always connected with his fans. People follow him for various reasons: Fitness being first, he cooks really well, he shares his fitness secrets, he does not ignore his fans, he responds to them through the social platforms.

10. At heart, he is a traveler too.

Fans miss his presence at the movies, but hope it doesn’t last for long. Till then, stay connected through instagram and facebook.

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