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Salman Slammed Priyank To Make Personal Comments On Arshi & Got It Back From Twitter

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Salman Slammed Priyank To Make Personal Comments On Arshi & Got It Back From Twitter

Priyank Sharma has been making headlines ever since he participated in the popular reality show Bigg Boss Season 11. Even though he was evicted in the beginning, he managed to re-enter the show and that too, with the intention of playing the game.

However, he recently made personal comments on Arshi Khan and it didn’t go well with many including the host Salman Khan. If you don’t know, he mentioned the Pune-Goa Kaand and Arshi’s involvement in the case. This made Arshi upset as to what her parents would think after this.

For the same, Salman scolded Priyank and said that he made the Bigg Boss house filthy with his dirty comments. The “Sultan” star was so angry that his remarks made Priyank cry and he went out of the living area so that he could hide his sentiments.

Well, this rude behavior from Salman Khan attracted controversy and criticism, as a number of Twitter users didn’t like it. They blasted the actor for being biased and unnecessarily rude with Priyank. Here are some of the selected tweets:

User’s challenge to Salman:

Disappointed with Salman Khan:

Salman ki ‘Dadagiri’:

Salman is being biased:

He always targets Priyank only:

Now who’s getting personal?

Others are not saints:

Why to create such a big issue?

However, there were few who criticized Priyank as well. Check out some tweets:

It was not expected from Priyank:

Priyank se na hoga:

He should learn how to play fair game:

What do you have to say in this regard? Let us know your views.

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