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Salman Slams Sreesanth in Last Night’s Episode; Twitter Claims Him And Big Boss to be Biased

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Salman Slams Sreesanth in Last Night’s Episode; Twitter Claims Him And Big Boss to be Biased

Big Boss 12 has slowly risen in TRPs, creating one of the biggest shows on air currently. The house is in chaos due to the recent Captaincy task and the politics that followed. Deepak’s manipulative strategy helped him win the nomination for captaincy but alas he lost the prize to Shivasheesh in the final task. And after all this, yesterday’s weekend ka vaar was a huge blow to the housemates as well as the audience.

This whole scenario turned ugly late Friday evening when Sreesanth and company (which included anoop and jasleen) decided to falsely create a reason of nominating Surbhi. The reason being that Surbhi had smoked in the Big Boss’s bathroom to which Jasleen had objected a few weeks earlier. Anoop and Sreesanth had seen the same during their time in the outhouse, and so a scene was created. Long story short, Surbhi ended up having something close to a panic attack while trying to prove her innocence as the conspirators laughed in the background.

Salman Khan yesterday, ended up showing the footage and proving it to the people that the whole scenario was falsely created to corner Surbhi. Sreesanth ended up being slammed by Salman for his lack of sportsmanship and egotistical approach to the whole show. Fans of Sreesanth were not happy about this and Twitter exploded. In a turn of events, many fans have termed Big Boss and Salman as biased for supporting Surbhi as Sreesanth according to them, has been through a lot.

Here’s what most of them had to say :-









Did you see last night’s episode? What did you think about it? Do you agree with them? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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