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Salman’s “Tiger Zinda Hai” In Trouble. MNS Threatened To Stop Its Release Because Of This Reason

Salman’s “Tiger Zinda Hai” In Trouble. MNS Threatened To Stop Its Release Because Of This Reason RVCJ Media

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Salman’s “Tiger Zinda Hai” In Trouble. MNS Threatened To Stop Its Release Because Of This Reason

“Tiger Zinda Hai” is one of the most awaited movies of 2017 and fans of Salman Dabangg Khan just can’t wait for the flick to hit theatres. But it seems that the film is in trouble as MNS chief Raj Thackeray is displeased with its release.

Ameya Khopkar, a member of MNS, warned the filmmakers of stopping “Tiger Zinda Hai” from being released if Marathi movie “Deva” is not given prime time slots.

Here’s what Ameya Khopkar stated while interacting with an entertainment portal,

“Using their name and influence, the producers have captured all the theaters. What will the other filmmakers do? Where will they go? If the Hindi filmmakers do such monopoly, what will the Marathi filmmakers do? Will other states tolerate such ‘dadagiri’? It is our duty to give rights to Marathi films and for that we shall do whatever it takes. Just because we are patient and understanding, doesn’t mean we are weak. Believe in ‘live and let live’. If you don’t understand this language then we will have to use our ‘special’ language to make you understand.”

He went on to say,

“We want the state government to end the misery of Marathi filmmakers. We will start our stir if the government fails to take action against the makers of Tiger Zinda Hai.”

He told ANI,

“We have sent a letter to Yash Raj Films. If they’re ready to give screen space to Marathi Films, ‘Deva’ in this case, then there is no need for us opposing it. However, if they don’t, we won’t allow it to shoot hereafter in Maharashtra.”

Besides threatening the “Tiger Zinda Hai” makers, he has written a letter to Vinod Tawde, cultural affairs minister, as well.

This is what Vinod Tawde has to say,

“The government has already set rules and norms for a prime-time slot for Marathi cinema. If there is a violation, the government will step in and take stern action.”

As per the reports, five shows daily have been booked by the makers of Salman Khan starrer TZH not only in the multiplexes but also in the single screens, which leaves very few, almost nil, screens for the Marathi flick.

Shalini Thackeray, the leader of MNS Chitrapat Sena has also protested against Bollywood and warned that her party will not let Marathi cinema suffer because of the big-budget Hindi movies.

Here’s what she told ANI,

“Marathi films must be given prime time shows. Deva wasn’t given screen space against Tiger Zinda Hai. If Hindi film industry takes screen space at expense of Marathi films, we’ll oppose it. We haven’t threatened anyone, we want screen space for Deva.”

She added,

“We never said that Tiger Zinda Hai should be replaced by Deva. But we are asking that Deva should be given enough time slots. Maharashtra will not allow any movement against Marathi people. Cineplex owners have to abide by our demand. You call it a threat, then let it be.”

However, the movie exhibitors have made up mind of taking the big risk by releasing “Tiger Zinda Hai” on the scheduled date.

Here’s what a portal is told by a suburban theatre manager,

“It is impossible to pull out a Salman Khan film, which has come like a ray of sunshine at the end of the year. He has the largest fan following among any star in India, so the first three days are always houseful. Moreover, we have had bleak collections in the past two months with not a single picture doing good business. Padmavati was due to release on December 1, but it has been deferred as well. At this rate, we will have to close down.”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that “Tiger Zinda Hai” releases without a problem!

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