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Sanjay Dutt Used This Unique Way To Trap His 308 Girlfriends

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Sanjay Dutt Used This Unique Way To Trap His 308 Girlfriends

Sanju movie is definitely going to be really exciting and I am sure you too will agree with the same. The film is all set to hit the theatres on the 29th of June and we are very impatient since the time we saw the trailer.

In the trailer, we got to know many secrets about Sanjay Dutt’s private life. Right from his girlfriends to his underworld connections, the trailer threw light on all.

Coming to the girlfriends, the trailer revealed that he had 308 of them. Now, do you think he really attracted so many girls? Well, yes, he did but there’s a completely different story behind the same.

Director Rajkumar Hirani revealed his secret behind charming 308 girlfriends and we bet you didn’t know. In a recent interview, journalist asked Hirani to reveal Sanjay’s way of impressing girls; you will love to know his unique yet an emotional way.

As per Hirani, Sanjay Dutt used the “Emotional” side to get connected with girls. Usually, boys shower girls with gifts, praises and love, but Sanjay used a really different way. Whenever he used to get connected to a girl, he used to take her to the fake grave of his mother.

In Hirani’s words, “He would start dating a girl and take her to this graveyard. He would say, ‘I have brought you here to meet my mother.”. The strange thing was that he used to claim it to be his mother’s grave but it was actually not.

Rajkumar Hirani also revealed how Sanjay used to be disturbed after his breakup with girls. He always found it difficult to adjust with that “Dumping” nature of girls.

So now that you know Sanjay Dutt’s technique of wooing girls’ hearts, what do you have to say?
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