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Sanjay Manjrekar & Michael Vaughan Had A Heated Twitter War After England Got All Out For 77


Sanjay Manjrekar & Michael Vaughan Had A Heated Twitter War After England Got All Out For 77

The England cricket team was going great in the test match series until they landed in West Indies. In first innings of first test match of the 3-match series which is being played at Barbados, team England got all out for meager 77 runs. This was pretty embarrassing for not only the team but their fans as well and England cricketers were slammed big time from public and the former cricketers.

Everyone was surprised as to how a team which defeated India by 4-1 and Sri Lanka by 3-0 performed so miserably against West Indies. However some former players including Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar were not happy with the team selection.

What miffed Sanjay was that Sam Curran was included in the squad while Stuart Broad was sitting out.

In fact, Sanjay also posted a tweet regarding this and it read, “Curran plays ahead of Broad. England at it again – Bizarre selections.”

Sanjay’s tweet got him mixed reactions as some supported him while there were several others who didn’t agree with him. One of those was former English cricketer Michael Vaughan who reminded Sanjay that this is the same team which defeated India and Sri Lanka.

Michael Vaughan tweeted, “Sanjay … I think you are forgetting this England team that are at it again beat India 4-1 & then beat Sri Lanka 3-0 away from home last year … #👍”

Sanjay was in no mood to back off and then they both had a little banter which led to a tweet made by Sanjay in which he reminded Michael Vaughan that England has won only one ICC title despite the fact that team England made its debut in 1877.

The tweet read, “Not forgetting at all. It’s despite their strange selections that they won. Short term success is never a good indicator. Just one ICC title for a team that played its first international in 1877 tells you something.”

That was not all! He also advised that long term sustained success will only make England a great team.

He tweeted, “Also SL that England faced in SL was the weakest its ever been, and India, well, 4-1 was a flattering score line for England, you know that as well as I do.  Long term sustained success is a true reflection of a great team. Let’s see what the future holds for England. 👍”

After England was all out for 77, Michael Vaughan also criticised the performance of England team.

He tweeted, “All the talk will be about selection & did England get it wrong .. Fair arguments .. But don’t let it be an excuse for a Batting unit with so much talent being bowled out for 77 .. Simply not good enough for a unit that Bats so deep.”

As of now, West Indies has taken a lead of 339 runs and Sam Curran has taken 1 wicket in both the innings.

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