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Saw Viral Video Of 5-Yr Boy Who Asked Tourists To Wear Masks? The Kid Is A Police Mascot Now


Saw Viral Video Of 5-Yr Boy Who Asked Tourists To Wear Masks? The Kid Is A Police Mascot Now

The coronavirus pandemic made our lives pretty difficult, while some had to visit hospitals after getting infected with COVID-19, some managed to save themselves from the virus but for this, they had to remain indoors and this also affected their mood in a negative manner. Usually people tend to go out of houses almost on a daily basis but because of COVID-19, many preferred to go out only if very necessary.

Now the situation in the country is a little better and if we leave aside 2-3 states, things seem to get better with each passing day. Moreover, it appears that with vaccination in full swing, we will certainly defeat COVID-19. However, this doesn’t mean that people can be completely careless and stop following the COVID-19 safety protocols and unfortunately, this is something which is happening in many cities including the hill stations such as Manali, Nainital, Mussoorie, Shimla, etc.

Many photos of these tourist places are going viral in which tourists are seen in huge numbers on the streets and leave aside maintaining social distancing, they don’t even care to wear masks. What is more shocking is that these people are educated adults who are flouting the COVID-19 norms and on the other hand, a kid from Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, was seen asking people to wear masks.

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The video of the boy was posted online by a social media user and it went viral instantly. What made people love the kid more was the fact that the boy is so poor that he couldn’t afford slippers but he still tried to spread awareness.

Here are some Twitter reactions from the online users who praised the kid:

The boy is just 5 yrs old and his name is Amit; soon after the video went viral, the local police also got in action and they made Amit a mascot for the COVID-19 protocols.

The local police presented Amit with a pahari cap, energy drinks and some snacks and as the boy is poor and sells balloons to support his family, some online users also helped him monetarily.

This is how people praised the step taken by the cops:

Hopefully, people will learn a thing or two from this little COVID warrior and follow all the safety guidelines so that India does not have to face the third wave of COVID-19.

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