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How To Say Sorry To Your Partner In The Cutest Ways

How to say sorry to your partner in the Cutest Ways


How To Say Sorry To Your Partner In The Cutest Ways

Did you just had a fight with you loved one? So, you both are not talking with each other and this is upset? After we realize our mistake, we tend to find the ways to apologise in the best ways. This is not just the case with you, it happens in every relation parent-child, husband-wife, brother-sister…but, expressing apology and say sorry is a little difficult task. Thus, they can be more creative ways to melt your loved ones heart in the best possible ways.7 Ways to say sorry to your partner in the Cutest Ways

1.Use your gadget screen

This can be done by creating a heart melting background for the laptop or mobile screen. Use simple “I am sorry” message with your cutest pic. Make sure he/she sees the screen. LOL….

giphy (4)

2.Say it with food

So you know to cook……….hun? Baking a cake and using frosting for “I am sorry” message on its top is a best romantic idea.  Or arrange a candle light dinner if you don’t know to cook.


3.Sorry with chocolates

Chocolates can be the best friend when you have to say “sorry”.  Be more innovative, if you can customise them with their favourite flavour and a message.

giphy (6)


Record something special that has a cute sorry message in your own sweet voice. Don’t have a sweet voice?….I am sure they will still love it.

giphy (1)

5. Use writing skill

Do you have a writing skill, as I do…. 🙂 make a romantic poem and stick this to the wall, fridge, desk, or kitchen cabinet.  This will make him smile, provided he understands it.

giphy (1)


Get a heart shaped balloon that has “I am sorry” over it and leave at the door. As he opens, ask for apology. Did he just burst them? Awwww…give another try.

giphy (5)

7.Soft toys

Females love soft toys and thus can be the best way to fill her heart to ask sorry.


Hope the ways will help you get apology before its big dispute in your lovely relation. Do add your experience below.

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