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Scammer Tried To Con A Girl By Pretending To Be Her Friend. She Instead Trolled Him For 3 Days


Scammer Tried To Con A Girl By Pretending To Be Her Friend. She Instead Trolled Him For 3 Days

There are many scammers in the online world who are doing their best to rob you of our hard-earned money and despite being made aware of such scammers by government, banks and other institutions, people still fall in their trap.

However, some people use their intelligence to save themselves and bring their wittiness into play for scamming the scammer. We are going to tell you about one such woman who trolled the scammer for 3 days successfully and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Sara got an email from someone whom she knew from office but it was someone else who was conning her for some gift cards. However, she got back at the scammer and taught him a lesson for life. She took screenshots of the conversation but the highlights are the captions that she gave.

This is the first email she got:

The total amount is $500 (Rs. 34,000 approx.) and anyone will spend so much on someone who is really close. However, Sara understood in the very beginning that she is being scammed so she decided to turn the tables upside down by agreeing to the scammer.

He wanted her to take images of the code and send to him but she wanted to hand it over personally.

But he didn’t want in person despite the fact that Sara was ready to give them at his home.

Now, Sara decided to change the strategy and told him that she would give them tomorrow in the meeting which made the scammer uncomfortable and he made mistakes in English grammar. Just then, she made an excuse of her broken phone.

However the scammer was smart and suggested to take photo from laptop or someone else’s phone.

He turned into tech support as Sara played the ignorance card.

Even Sam was of no use but he could have dropped those cards at his home which the con man refused.

She offered to drop at doorstep and return his casserole also but he refused as he may not go home today.

Sara made him frustrated by telling that she has cards but she is not good with technology.

He asked to email the codes but she refused as Katie has asked her not to do so and now Katie is getting married.

He badly wanted her to write the codes but Sara was interested only in Katie’s wedding.

She did send code but from Google Images and he fall into trap and asked to send other 4.

Sara wanted to return the casserole as well but till now, the scammer understood that the cards were fake.

Sara didn’t give up on fake cards and he wanted the snap of all the 5 cards.

She sent the same attachment again and again and he got irritated.

She also asked why he was so snappy.

She disclosed her game and made him look like a fool.

The real identity of the scammer revealed:

Bravo Sara! More power to you!

The world needs more such smart and intelligent people who know how to tackle a situation with wit and enjoy it instead of getting panic or irritated.

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