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School Picnic Turns Ugly. Children Ask For Water, Teachers Serve Them Alcohol

School Picnic Turns Ugly. Children Ask For Water, Teachers Serve Them Alcohol RVCJ Media


School Picnic Turns Ugly. Children Ask For Water, Teachers Serve Them Alcohol

When it comes to schools, we know how extra-careful teachers are. Be it food or water, school authorities ensure that children don’t have to compromise with the quality. However, a strange incident came to light yesterday in Karnataka’s Tumakuru district.

The teachers of a Koratagere Taluk government school did exactly the opposite; looks as if they were least bothered about the health of children. When thirsty children asked for water, teachers passed a bottle filled with alcohol, can you believe that!

When this case was highlighted, police officials arrested 2 teachers Muzammil and Rathore and headmaster of the school Sachidanand for giving liquor to children. This incident took place on a field trip to Dharmasthala. Students from 8th to 10th standard were taken for this trip but no one knew that such an incident will take place.

While returning home on the 10th of December, driver stopped the bus at Hassan for dinner. This is when students asked teachers to give them some water. But as per reports, the teachers were drunk and without realizing anything, they passed a bottle filled with alcohol.

Describing the incident, one student said,

“Our headmaster Sachidanand was fully drunk. We requested Rathore and Muzzamil sir to give us some water from their bottle. They gave us the water bottle but didn’t tell us they have mixed alcohol with water. We drank the water and after some time students started feeling dizzy and few students vomited”.

Parents got furious after knowing this and they complained to the Management committee. Some students fell ill; there was one student who vomited numerous times.
He said,

“I vomited several times. I don’t remember how I reached home,” said one student. His father, along with other parents, who complained to the SDMC said his son returned home in a terrible state.”

Some were not even able to walk. The incident is being probed now & 2 teachers and 1 headmaster has been suspended.

This is how Twitter reacted;

Good to know!

Chalta hai?

Shame on you!

Wonder what they do?

Vidyalaya turns Madhushala!

This is really shameful. Feel free to drop in your thoughts too.

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