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Scientific Study Has Revealed The Right Age To Get Married, Check Out If It’s Your Turn Or Not!


Scientific Study Has Revealed The Right Age To Get Married, Check Out If It’s Your Turn Or Not!

If you thought to choose a marriage partner is a challenge then there’s another one in the list.

Now when you think of marriage, there will be another aspect to take into consideration. If you are thinking this is some neighborhood ‘aunty’ philosophy of getting married at the right age, then you are thinking all wrong.

It is science that has come up with this declaration. As per the study carried out by Nicholas H. Wolfinger, a professor at the University of Utah, the results suggests that people should ideally tie the knot between 28 to 32 years.

We don’t really know how much of this study is accurate but after reading this anyone in their late 20’s will have to face the aftermath. If by chance your parents know this scientific reason then be ready, you might get a ‘shaadi karlo’ call anytime soon.

Be careful while showing this article to your parents, as they will surely be very worried after reading it; after all, they are the ones who think of the “Society”, and start pressurizing you right from the age of 22-23. So you can imagine how they’ll feel after knowing 28-32 is the ideal age; they might go to any extent to prove this research wrong, LOL!

The study reveals that people who get married in the age bracket of 28-32 years have least chances of getting divorced.

In the research, Wolfinger further reveals, “Past the age of 32 or so, the odds of divorce increase by 5 percent per year of age at marriage. The kinds of people who wait till their thirties to get married may be the kinds of people who aren’t predisposed toward doing well in their marriages.”

The reason behind the specific age bracket is that it is perfect for getting married since a person becomes more mature as they move from the late twenties to early thirties.

Well, looks like people who are 25 years already have to plan not just their career but their married life too.

This study has been published by the Institute of Family Studies which even suggests that couples in their thirties have better economic conditions.

All the guys would be literally on a hunt now:

And the girls can think of this as the safest option #JustSaying

If these studies are true, we guess we all should plan our marriage in advance. If not anything, divorce, economic conditions, and many more important things are dependant on this right age of marriage. On a positive note, our parents and aunties at weddings will feel so happy that there’s some science behind their marriage ‘gyaan’.

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