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He Scored 100/100 In Economics But Still Failed By Big Margin! Check Out Funny Marksheet


He Scored 100/100 In Economics But Still Failed By Big Margin! Check Out Funny Marksheet

Scoring full marks in any subject means that you are definitely good at it or have understood it so perfectly that examiner couldn’t even deduct one mark. But how would you react if we say that there’s actually one student who has scored 100 out of 100 in Economics but failed by big margin in all other subjects? Can’t believe it?

Well, first take a look at his mark sheet:


Seems impossible, isn’t it? This mark sheet is of a boy who appeared for 12th class Gujarat board examinations.

If you think it’s fictitious or fake, let’s just inform you that the screenshot of the mark sheet has been taken from the website of Gujarat board and it’s 100% true. If you still don’t believe us, then go to GSEB official website and type the roll number shown above.

Genius in Economics?

There are probabilities that the student is very good in Economics and used to study only this subject the whole day but isn’t it strange or funny or both?

Teacher made a mistake while checking?

It might also be a reason that the teacher who checked Economics paper made a mistake while checking but if the student is so poor at studies that he couldn’t get even passing marks in other subjects, how is it possible that he got full marks in one subject?

Cheating or paper leaked?

He could also have cheated from someone or paper might have been leaked. Or we may also say that he was excellent in Economics but we can’t reach any conclusion since all these are assumptions only.

One extra zero? 100 instead of 10?

At one fell swoop, this may also be a mistake on the part of result department that they added an extra 0, like 100 in place of 10 or the teacher who checked his copy might have committed this blunder. This can be concluded from the fact that he has marks of this range in other subjects too!

What according to you could be the reason of this student getting full marks in Economics? Share your views in the comments section below.

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