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Sexiest Women In The World Right Now

Sexiest Women In The World Right Now RVCJ Media


Sexiest Women In The World Right Now

We’ll have a list about the topic said above. So please don’t think that the numbers (1,2..) represent their position in our list.There are some hottest looking female actors around the world. I’ll try to list them in the list below –

1. Emma Watson –

No offense, but you do fantasize about her. She’s damn hot.


2. Megan Fox –

For me, she defines the terms called “hot” and “sexy”. She is smoking-hot. She is the hottest person living on this mighty earth in present time according to me. And if you haven’t seen “Jennifer’s Body” yet, see it and I promise you’ll like it so very much. 😉


3. Taylor Swift –

Like her voice, there’s something special about her eyes  also and all of know that eyes are the most attractive part of female body (ooopppy :P).


4. Scarlett Johansson –

She has a huge fan base among all the males around the globe. And there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be that popular- be it her acting skills, be it her sexiness. She makes it through our list.


5. Emma Stone –

Yes, she is one from the amazing spider-man movies.


6. Deepika Padukone –

She needs no definitions to our readers, right not?


7. Jessica Alba –

She is often portrayed as a “S*x Symbol”.


8. Margot Robbie –

Have you watched “The Wolf Of Wall Street”? If yes, you should be familiar with her face. If not, go and watch the masterpiece.


9. Rihanna –

Her looks are as sexy as her wonderful voice.


10. Maria Sharapova –

Don’t tell me that you don’t watch the movements of her when she plays “Tennis”. She is gorgeous and sexy as hell.


11. Aishwarya Rai –

The former “Miss World” doesn’t seem to loose her charms even after becoming a mother.


Honorable Mentions –

1.Katrina Kaif –

She is your “dil-ki-dhadkan”.


2. Ayesha Takia –

You know why I’m mentioning her name in our list.(Oh!yeah.)


3. Priyanka Chopra –

The actress cum singer can definitely turn anyone on.


LOL Mention –

Kim Kardashian –

Ask Ray J about her sexiness lol.


Is your favourite actress included in our list? If not, whom do you think as the sexiest from our list?

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