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Shahid Afridi Says He Will Never Play In IPL. Indians Trolled Him In The Most Epic Way


Shahid Afridi Says He Will Never Play In IPL. Indians Trolled Him In The Most Epic Way

Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is making news for some time now and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Recently, he insulted India and Indian Army with harsh comments on the operations conducted in Kashmir in which 12 terrorists were killed. Afridi blamed India for killing innocents and raised questions on these operations, asking the United Nations for interfering into the matter. Common public along with Indian cricketers gave it back to him for such statements and he was trolled left and right.

Now once again he has made a comment with which he has invited trolls and criticism on his part. No, it’s not about Kashmir but Indian Premier League (IPL).

Shahid Afridi claims that he will never play in IPL and was not even interested to be a part of it ever. He didn’t stop here and went to say that Pakistan Super League (PSL) would surpass IPL one day.

Here’s what he said,

“Even if they call me, I won’t go to the IPL. My PSL is the biggest and there will be a time that it leaves the IPL behind. I am enjoying the PSL, I don’t have any need for the IPL. I’m not interested in it and never was.”

We just want to remind you that Shahid Afridi was a part of IPL team Deccan Chargers in IPL 2008; however, he didn’t perform as per the expectations and in the beginning of IPL 2010 season, he expressed his desire to be a part of either Rajasthan Royals or Kolkata Knight Riders.

Such a comment was obviously unacceptable on the part of Indian fans and they trolled Shahid Afridi like never before. Check out some selected tweets:

Empty stadium:

Grapes are sour:

Apply for cheer-leading.. Perhaps you get the job:

Epic insult:

Joke of the century:


No garbage please:

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