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Shami Leaked Recording Of Phone Call With Hasin & Asked Her To Compromise. Here’s What Hasin Said


Shami Leaked Recording Of Phone Call With Hasin & Asked Her To Compromise. Here’s What Hasin Said

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan are in news for all the wrong reasons and we don’t think that this episode will end any sooner.

Hasin has already lodged an FIR against Shami and four members of his family, charging them of attempt to murder and domestic violence. As per Hasin, Shami not only has multiple affairs but he is also involved in match-fixing. She even asked police to provide her protection and denied any chance of compromise with Shami now.

On Tuesday, Shami publicly released an audio clip of his conversation with wife Hasin. He talked about the family’s future while Hasin was adamant and asked him to accept his wrongdoings and apologise for them.

Here are the excerpts from the audio clip:

Hasin Jahan: Is there any proof that I called them?

Mohammed Shami: I don’t want to collect evidence, we all have spoken, there are talks going on with the advocate.

Hasin Jahan: There will be recording in contact that I have called you. After all this lie it makes no sense

Mohammed Shami: Whatever it is, its over. What needs to be done with family now?

Hasin Jahan: What needs to be done? Come in front of the world, accept your mistake and apologize. You will then have to give a written commitment that you won’t do anything wrong from here on, you will give respect to your wife and fulfill responsibilities of husband.

Mohammed Shami: So you tell me how this thing will end; now after all this how will the family remain together?

Hasin Jahan: What will happen I have earlier also tried to explain it to you, but tell me whatever (evidence) I have shown in front of the world have you done it or not?

Mohammed Shami: Whatever you have done, do you think that was the right. I won’t accept (allegations) all this. You are not thinking about the family.

Hasin Jahan: If you haven’t done anything wrong then why are you thinking about the family?

Mohammed Shami: You come face to face and speak.

Hasin Jahan: Are you worth it (coming face to face and speaking). You are a disgusting person, who think you are worthy enough to be spoken to? I never wanted to take your call but I still picked up the call and you have not changed, you are still the same

Mohammed Shami: I am talking about love and family and you are still stuck with me being disgusting.

Hasin Jahan: Janeman, Do you know what is called love.  Women’s confidence is called love. I never cheated on you, but when you were sleeping with 10 (audio silence) women, that means there was no love. In spite of me being your legal wife, you still slept with many women so where is the love dear. If you love me, you would not have done all this.

Earlier, an audio clip was released by Hasin in which she talked to Shami about Alishba, the woman whom he met in Dubai and was supposed to take money from her. As Hasin has accused him of match-fixing also, BCCI has taken the decision to investigate the matter and find out if there is really any truth in it.

The controversy doesn’t seem to end soon. What do you say?

NOTE: RVCJ Media doesn’t confirm the authenticity of the audio clip.


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