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Shashi Tharoor Takes Up PM Modi’s Language Challenge & Twitter Can’t Keep Calm


Shashi Tharoor Takes Up PM Modi’s Language Challenge & Twitter Can’t Keep Calm

There is no denying the fact that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the capability of making things simple and he has done something of this sort while addressing a conclave through video conferencing.

On Friday, PM Modi spoke in Manorama News Conclave which was taking place in Kochi, Kerala, but PM Modi attended it via a video link. While speaking in the conclave, he put forth a suggestion and asked people to use the power of language to unite. He said that languages have been used for selfish interests so far and urged people to now use them for getting united. As per PM Modi, it can be done by posting one word in 10-12 languages which are spoken in India and in this manner, a person will be able to learn 300 new words in different languages in a year.

The suggestion was liked by many, including the Congress leader and Kerala MP Shashi Tharoor who is known for his linguistic skills, wit and sense of humour. Shashi liked PM Modi’s suggestion a lot and welcomed it as he felt that it is a departure from Hindi dominance.

Shashi Tharoor also decided to take up this #LanguageChallenge and from now on, he would post one word daily in three languages – Hindi, English and Malayalam. He took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and made a couple of tweets in this connection.

His first tweet read,

“Prime Minister @NarendraModi ended his speech at the #manoramanewsconclave by suggesting we all learn one new word a day from an Indian language other than our own. I welcome this departure from Hindi dominance &gladly take him up on this #LanguageChallenge.”

In the second tweet, Shashi Tharoor wrote,

“In response to the PM’s #LanguageChallenge, I will tweet a word daily in English, Hindi & Malayalam. Others can do this in other languages. Here is the 1st one:

Pluralism (English)


bahulavaad (Hindi)


bahuvachanam (Malayalam)”

This is how Twitter users reacted to the tweets made by Shashi Tharoor:













So are you taking part in this #LanguageChallenge?

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