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She Was Bullied For Her Size 22. You Must See What She Has Become; A SUPER MODEL


She Was Bullied For Her Size 22. You Must See What She Has Become; A SUPER MODEL

Tess Holliday, now a known name in the fashion industry as she is the first model of size 22 who has entered into a modeling contract with a major agency. Her height and weight were the reasons she was harassed in school and comments were made on her, saying that she won’t be able to become a model in this lifetime with this physique. Undeterred with what people say, she started “Eff Your beauty Standards” campaign and now she is getting assignments from high-profile magazines.

Let us take a look at this model’s journey so far:

1. Say Hi to Tess Holiday who is a model, feminist and responsible for starting the “Eff Your Beauty Standards” campaign.


2. She was bullied in her school and was told that with this height and weight, she can never ever become a model.


3. She started by posting her own photos on social networking sites when Agencies told her that she couldn’t be a model.


4. Today she is the face of many highly decorated and famous fashion campaigns. Take a look at Yours Clothing photos.


5. Plus-sized models are sexy – this is what Tess is dedicated to show the world.


6. With her career on the rise, Tess is determined to keep challenging the society’s beauty standards.


7. She will be seen on the cover page of magazine L.A Weekly.


8. Swimsuit campaign of Monif C. Plus Sizes


9. She shows off her tattoos and vintage inspired look on the cover page of magazine Nylon.


10. She loves her body and physique but exercise is needed for remaining healthy.


11. In recent times, she has been entitled Torrid’s new denim fit guide’s face.


12. Tess wrote in a blog for people “It’s something I always dreamed of but never thought would happen when I was growing up in that small town in Mississippi.”


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