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Shilpa Shinde Is Seen Cribbing About Food In This Throwback Clip & Her Fans Will Love It

Shilpa Shinde Is Seen Cribbing About Food In This Throwback Clip & Her Fans Will Love It RVCJ Media

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Shilpa Shinde Is Seen Cribbing About Food In This Throwback Clip & Her Fans Will Love It

There is no denying the fact that the most loved contestant of Bigg Boss 11 as of now is Shilpa Shinde despite the fact that she has made an entry in the bad books of many persons when she saved Priyank instead of Hiten.

She took the responsibility of cooking food as soon as she entered the house and since then, she has been feeding everyone and has also earned the title of “mother”. In fact, she has made more than a thousand chapatis and has become the kitchen queen inside the Bigg Boss house.

Here is a throwback video of Shilpa which is going viral on the web and social media. It is not from Bigg Boss but was shot in 2004. On 5th December this year, it was posted by Ujjwal Rana, Shilpa’s co-star from serial “Meher” on Facebook.

In the Facebook post, Ujjwal has praised Shilpa by writing,

“People say… she is fake…problematic…flip…unconcern…unprofessional…

People who know her… she is kind hearted, emotional,strong, self respected…Professional, concern to her surroundings…real fighter… and above all…a good human being… who always take stand for herself…(I have seen her taking stand for others too.. out of the way.. but people forget)

Very happy for dear shilpa who finally in the big boss show and now the whole world can see real shilpa shinde……

Yes guys every movement of shilpa in the house is real of her…

She never changed her-self ever..

Still remember 26July Mumbai flood 2005 I casually called her just to know she is safe and sound and she was not able to talk properly because she was busy in her car to helping people giving them food…And even taking them…giving lifts here to their just for her satisfaction…that she is doing something…

So many stories small or big list are never ending just because she doesn’t want others to know she says “चल ना महान नहीं बनना मुझे” heard so many times from her…

after doing so much for others she react other way round and make them realize she did nothing…yes that’s how a “FLIP” u are..

Just sharing a small old clip of my house without her permission… she still act… react…the same way….

She is just like that… shilpa stay strong be a winner…”

Watch The Video:

Click here to watch this video directly on Facebook

In this video of a house party, Shilpa can be seen with her colleagues, cribbing about chapati, however all in good mood, and she might not have even dreamt that she is also going to hear something like this about her food and that too in a harsh manner.

If you remember, Hina Khan talked in a harsh tone to Shilpa when the former came to know that the latter used tap water for cooking food. However, Shilpa also said that water gets boiled whether it is from RO or tap but Hina was too busy to hear this or it didn’t really matter to her as to what Shilpa was saying.

What do you have to say about this throwback video? Let us know.

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