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SHOCKING: Every Glass Of Water You Take Has DINOSAUR URINE In It


SHOCKING: Every Glass Of Water You Take Has DINOSAUR URINE In It

It is said that drinking a lot of water is good for health and there could be no better drink as beneficial and full of minerals as water. Till now, we have been living with this thinking only! But even in the worst of our dreams, did any of us imagine that the water we take with so much of pride has DINOSAUR URINE in it? YES, It’s TRUE!! Shocked? Indeed, it is shocking but correct at the same time.

There are much probabilities that each time you swallow water, you consume little amount of dinosaur pee. You would be wondering how it is possible since they have already extinct.

Curious Minds, science YouTube channel, proposed this theory and according to it, “Dinosaurs had a long time to drink water. The Mesozoic era – the reign of the dinosaurs – lasted for 186 million years. That gave them time to drink a lot of water.”

It’s a natural fact that if one consumes more water, one passes more water in the form of urine.

As per Curious Minds, homosapiens exist on the earth for about 200,000 years merely. Hence, prospects are very much likewise.

Moreover, as maintained by Curious Minds, “Most of the water molecules have never been drunk by another human. However, almost every single one has been drunk by a dinosaur.”

Below is the related video of Curious Minds:-

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