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Shocking Facts – More Than 10,000 Dowry Cases Are Found False Every Year


Shocking Facts – More Than 10,000 Dowry Cases Are Found False Every Year

Well, look can be deceptive and it is seriously can take you to the heights of annoyance, and you can get falsely accused of the wrong doing that you have actually not done. So, not all the ‘dulhans’ hiding their face in the ‘dupattas’ are shy and timid; they can even bring the miseries to you that you perhaps never thought of.
Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code—that deals with offences of dowry demand and cruelty by husband and in-laws has now become one of the most abused laws of the country as every year more than 10,000 complaints based on dowry harassment are found to be false; 90,000 to one lakh cases are investigated every year.
Government is now about to make Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code that deals with offences of dowry demand and physical and mental pains to the brides compoundable which means that the law, if amended, would have the provision of settlement and adjustment between the warring couple if the court allows the same.
Arguments in this case always lack stress to those who are really in need. They hardly approach the police against in-laws due to various societal pressures. It’s only those looking to exact revenge and are economically sound enough reach the courts. In maximum cases it has been seen that there is terrible violation of the rule and manipulated by the bride and her family member involved in the case. In a recent order given by the Supreme Court, it has been said Section 498A had “skeptical place of pride amongst the provisions that are mainly used as weapons rather than shield by mistreated and tormented wives”.
As per the law, the offence is non-compoundable and non-bailable too due to which the accused have to face an immediate arrest whether it is the husband or the in-laws; even before proving their innocence on the accuser. It also rules out any effort at compromises and resettlement. Sources in home ministry revealed that the ministry sent a draft note for the Union Cabinet for the amendment of Section 498A of the IPC to the law ministry for drawing up a draft bill. it has made the dowry law compoundable was also among recommendations made by the law commission and Justice Malimath Committee. The new law would also have penalty provisions of Rs 15,000 as against Rs 1,000 now if the case filed by the accuser is found to be false.

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