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Food Meant For Jawans Is Sold At 50% Lesser Price Outside! Shocking But True!


Food Meant For Jawans Is Sold At 50% Lesser Price Outside! Shocking But True!

Tej Bahadur’s Facebook videos have shook the entire nation. He brought to our notice the harsh reality prevailing at the border. When we first watched those videos, we couldn’t believe our eyes seeing the kind of food that our Jawans have to eat. Did you see the dal which was just full of turmeric, salt and nothing else? Did you see those shapeless and hard chapatis which accompany it?

After seeing this, I am sure you must be having a question in your head as to where do the food items which is meant for the jawans go? It’s time to shed light on the facts now.

Reports have surfaced, in which BSF camp’s residents have stated that officers, who are responsible for distributing food and ration to jawans, sell it off outside, at almost 50 percent lesser rate than the market.

TOI has reported that diesel, petrol and fuel is sold to shopkeepers near Humhama BSF headquarters. Not only fuel but even grains, veggies and dal are sold at half the price. Tej Bahadur had rightly highlighted that they don’t get proper food because officers sell the commodities meant for them to others and unfortunately, these claims have turned out to be true. This stock is sold to agents and in return officers get huge commissions. Same is the case with furniture as well.

A furniture dealer (Anonymous) said;

“Purchasing officers, while placing orders for elegant furniture for their offices, take a commission that is more than what we earn. There is no e-tendering in the BSF. The officer will purchase furniture and take a commission and even compromise on the quality of the items.”

This is indeed quite shocking and should be looked into right away. A jawan who is ready to sacrifice his life for us shouldn’t be treated this way. Proper quality food is of extreme importance, what are your views on this?

As of now investigation on Bahadur’s claims are going on…

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