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Shocking Incident – Selfie Craze In Front Of Running Train Kills 3 Youth


Shocking Incident – Selfie Craze In Front Of Running Train Kills 3 Youth

Today’s generation has a craze about Selfie. Everyone looks for different poses with eye catching background for clicking their Selfie pic. Selfie craze has already gone viral but recently this craze took the life of 3 youth.

This incident is of Mathura when 3 college going students planned to pose for a selfie infront of a speeding train and then post it proudly on their Facebook profile. But excitement of selfie couldn’t last long as they were hit by the fast running train.

According to police reports, the incident took place in Kosikalan at the Kotban highway when four college going students got down from their Alto car to click a selfie in front of running train. They wanted to take photos of themselves in filmy style as close to a fast running train. They wanted to upload the pictures on social networking sites. They tried to jump off the track but couldn’t survive as train speed was more than they anticipated. 3 of them were killed on the spot after hitting by the running train while 4th one was standing at little distance and got saved.

Group of boys came on small trip from New Delhi, they visited Agra (Taj Mahal) & headed for Mathura when this incident happened. Name of the students who got killed are:- Yakoob (Muradnagar), Iqbal (Faridabad) and Afzal (New Delhi). The fourth student who survived the accident was identified as Anis (Mitraul). Police have sent their bodies for post-mortem examination and have seized the car.

Do you think Selfie craze is at it’s worst level? People are often seeing taking selfie before eating, awaking, running or doing anything in real life. What are your views about this incident? Share in comments section below

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