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Shocking Reasons Why Kids Try Alcohol And Drugs

Shocking Reasons Why Kids Try Alcohol And Drugs RVCJ Media


Shocking Reasons Why Kids Try Alcohol And Drugs

There isn’t only a single reason behind the use of drugs and alcohol in the life of a child. One can’t deny that in various parts of the country, the use of alcohol among teens is at a very large-scale. According to a recent survey More than 80% children in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh And Haryana consumes Alcohol. Here are some reasons why kids opt for these things.

1. To Feel Like “GROWN UPS”

They all want to get a “GROWN UP” kind treatment they don’t want someone to say that they’re kids and they can’t do some specific thing which is actually too damn childish. teen-experimenting-on-drugs

2. Curiosity

They’re curious to have it for the first time and then they get addicted towards it. This happens like when they want just to know the taste.teen_pills

3. Relieving Boredom

Having boring time isn’t acceptable for any kid, so they chose to have time with alcohol.

4. Self Medication

Struggling with pain internally, emotionally leads them to have drugs. Love failure is the main reason.

5. Rebellion

This is a weird reason as and not speaking to their parents about their over-protective nature, they choose the way to drugs.

6. To Have Fun

Having coffee with friends isn’t fun for them, but having alcohol is. Fun for them is sharing time with friends in the pleasurable effect of drugs. WK-0612-teenagers0_3127905b

7. Ignorance

Most of the teens don’t know if something is good for them or not. Having experimented with drugs is purely childish.

8. Because Others Do

“Just because they have drugs, why not me?” is a big reason for this.

9. Short Term Gratification

These work quickly and they give a pleasurable platform to the consumer and a kid gets addicted to drugs as they are SHORTCUT TO HAPPINESS.

10. Misinformation

Being a kid, one doesn’t know all the ill-effects of these things at all. They think that there aren’t any big risks.

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